On March 13th 2016 Mackenzie Forrest tragically lost her life in a car accident. Mackenzie, an award-winning high school basketball player, always brought Hustle + Heart to the court. KINDNESS WAS HER CORE TRAIT

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Every car has a seatbelt. Putting it on is the key. A seatbelt would have changed everything. A seatbelt would have saved Mackenzie Forrest’s life when her car overturned back on March 13, 2016. We treasure our memories of her spirit, her smile, her hustle on the basketball court, and her heart – her kindness toward others.

In Lil’ Mac’s memory, please take the Lil’ Mac Pledge – “Always buckle up, and remember that kindness matters. Add your name to the growing list of those who have taken the Lil’ Mac Pledge


Are you interested in seeing how Mac practised – she was a student of the game of basketball! A few links to checkout:

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We understand that losing a loved one is a very difficult experience. If you feel you need some support at this time we recommend you check out our #33 sightings page where you can share your own #33forever sightings, feelings and see how Lil’ Mac touched peoples lives. To share your own photos REMEMBER to tag @mac33forever, use the hashtags #33forever and #mac33. Click here for more info on the grieving process.

Let's make a difference: Lil' Mac Fund

Mackenzie was a living example of why hustle + heart set you apart. She showed that in competition, playing hard, playing smart and with heart, would pay off. In life she understood how one conversation and reaching out to someone who needed a friend, really matter.


The Lil’ Mac Fund, has been set up to enable Mackenzie’s spirit to guide us in how we treat others. The proceeds will go to Gold Crown Foundation. Gold Crown helped Mac master her skills and molded her into the player and person that she was. Gold Crown also gave Mac the opportunity to give back by sharing her skills and experiences with younger students attending Gold Crown camps and programs. Families often told us Mac’s presence and energy brought them pure joy.


Take the Lil’ Mac Pledge: “Always buckle up, and remember that kindness matters.”  We have also created a bumper sticker as shown along side. Please inquire if you would like to purchase one here>>


On the court – play hard, play smart and play with heart.
Off the court – reach deep, reach out and show kindness


Mac's 3-point line – Her Spirit, Her Passion, Her Identity


An award-winning high school basketball player, Lil’ Mac always brought Hustle + Heart to the court and to her life. She worked hard, and she played hard – always hustling and giving her best. And she also found time to reach out to others. That kindness – that heart – that’s what we think of when we remember Lil’ Mac. Our journey since losing Lil’ Mac has been difficult, excruciating. We miss her every day. As we continue this path, we want to keep Lil’ Mac’s spirit alive. We want people to know that Hustle + Heart set Lil’ Mac apart, and hard work and kindness can do the same for others, too.


Many kind people have been sending donations to honor Mackenzie. That generosity touched the Forrest’s hearts and they quickly decided to give all donations along to one of Mac’s favorite organizations – Gold Crown Foundation. This non-profit has made a significant impact on young people and the community, offering youth sports and education programs to nearly 20,000 boys and girls, and granting nearly $100,000 in scholarships, each year.

“Gold Crown represents much of Mackenzie’s life – her love of basketball and her dedication to impacting the lives of undeserved kids,” notes Lil’ Mac’s mom, Denise. “She grew both as a player and as a volunteer, a giver, at Gold Crown.”


We understand that losing a loved one is a very difficult experience. If you feel you need some support we recommend you check out our #33 sightings page where you can share your feelings and see how Lil’ Mac touched people’s lives

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We work with MAC33 brand partners who support our work, were connected to Lil' Mac herself, funding research projects in areas with real personal significance to them.

Lil' Mac's Impact

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I wanted to send a huge thank you to both you and to angel Mackenzie. Without having been exposed to the buckle up message through your website I’m not sure how my day yesterday would have ended. My hubby was involved in a huge accident yesterday where his car was flipped and rolled a few times. Without your buckle up message I’m not sure he would have been wearing a seat belt. Ever since creating the website i have been more aware about putting on a seatbelt and almost annoying in my nagging of my hubby to do the same. But thank goodness he was, he managed to climb out of the window with little more than bumps and bruises. Our baby is due next week so the timing is a bit off, but all that truly matters is that all 3 of us are safe, and I truly believe Mac had something to do with this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for instilling this message and Ill most definitely continue to let everyone know about the dangers of not wearing a seat belt.