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Soon after Mackenzie passed away, people began sending donations in her honor. That generosity touched the Forrest’s hearts and they quickly decided to pass all donations along to one of Lil’ Mac’s favorite organizations – Gold Crown Foundation. For 30 years, this Lakewood, Colorado-based non-profit has made a significant impact on young people and their communities, offering youth sports and education programs to nearly 20,000 boys and girls, and granting nearly $100,000 in scholarships, each year.


If you knew Mackenzie, you know she spent a great deal of her life with the Gold Crown Foundation – a Colorado non-profit (501c3) offering youth sports and education programs to nearly 20,000 boys and girls annually throughout Colorado and the surrounding states. In fact, Lil’ Mac spent so much time at Gold Crown that Denise and I often commented, “Well, we are going to spend the next 7-10 years in this place, we better get used it.”


Gold Crown helped Lil’ Mac master her skills and moulded her into the player and person that she was. Gold Crown also gave Mac the opportunity to give back by sharing her skills and experiences with younger students attending Gold Crown camps and programs. Families often told us Lil’ Mac’s presence and energy brought them pure joy. She looked up to Bill Hanzlik and his team, and modelled their gift for working with and caring about kids in need.


Lil’ Mac loved spending time at Gold Crown, and she believed deeply in their mission.


Now, Denise, Gavin and I will continue Lil’ Mac’s legacy, “33forever,” by partnering with Gold Crown to help kids in need attend camps and programs so they can discover their own talents and strengths.


When we met with Gold Crown founder Bill Hanzlik, his first words were, “We are all in. We will do anything you want for Lil’ Mac.”

We feel this is a great partnership – a way to keep Lil’ Mac’s “spirit” alive. And we hope you will join us on this journey.

Donations to the Lil’ Mac Legacy Fund will provide scholarships to the Gold Crown Enrichment Program, where young participants can access 3D Design and STEM programs, hands-on building workshops, and other educational opportunities.

“We love this program because it enables young people to explore their own potential and have opportunities to grow that might not otherwise have come their way,” says Lil’ Mac’s dad, Holger.


Please continue your generosity by supporting “33forever.”




The Forrest Family will direct 100% of your donation to the Gold Crown Foundation in honor of Mackenzie Forrest.  All donations are tax deductible. Your donation will provide scholarships for students to attend Gold Crown Enrichment Programs and Sports Camps. You will receive a tax receipt directly from Gold Crown Foundation.